Series Color Mapping - target file reference


Hi Team,

Need a small help on how can we use series color mapping where the Red Amber Green color limits changes w.r.t different dimensions.
I have 23 markets with different targets, and want to change the color per column in the graph basis individual targets.

Also is it possible to use color mapping for further drill down basis other dimensions?
e.g., markets, company codes, material groups etc.

Thank you in advance.



Hi Sachin,

To map the colors to targets, create a new color mapping and set the color based on the series.

For the thresholds, set:

[your color] if Equal [target value]

Don’t use quotation marks here.

If your target consists of multiple words (e.g. “New York City”), you won’t be able to set a color for this unfortunately.

Best regards,


Hi Viana,

Thank you for your kind response.

For you product development team, Can we explore options to use the color mapping in charts (bar , or column) just like we have for single KPI components.

In single KPI component i can give a column reference that can take care of my variation in targets.

Would appreciate if you could suggest a work around until your product development team works on my suggestion.

Thank you for your help. :slightly_smiling_face: