Send out information (via e-mail) when KPI meets certain threshold

Dear Celonis community,

where can I find mentioned feature in Celonis? Is it already implemented?



Hi Konstantin,

That is precisely what you can do with Celonis Action Engine. Moreover, you can link these incidents with actions and workflows and you can assign them to different stakeholders if desired. For more information, see here and approach your Celonis contact:

Professional trailers:

Introduction video (Trailer, English, 2 min)

Action Engine at Schukat (Trailer, English, 2 min)

Use case video P2P (English, 3 min)

Webinar recordings:

Action Engine introduction (English, 45 min):

Action Engine introduction (German, 45 min):

Product demos:

Create Skill from analysis (Product Demo, 2 min):

Trigger bot out of Action Engine (Product demo, 1 min):

Automate analytics and communicate incidents (Product demo, 1 min):

Trigger action in SAP (Product demo, 1 min):

Best regards