SAP data extraction by external format

Dear Community team,

Sometimes I faced trouble when extracting data from SAP and displaying in Celonis IBC, then it was different value from SAP screen. Formar is called internal format and latter is external format in SAP term.

Below table is the example of how internal format is converted to external format.

Regarding #1 I just ignored difference and it is no problem.
Regarding #2 I need to re-calculate some important fields, but others are ignored.
Regarding #3 I do not have good way to generate external format.
Anyway these all are workaround solution.

I believe I should extract SAP data as external format from the beginning.
Do you know the way to do it somehow, or does Celonis extractor plan to improve this point ?
e.g. SAP table download transaction SE16N always return external format.

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Dear Kazuhiko,

in case we want to change the date format of single columns, we typically do this when creating the view for the Celonis data model.
In case for your 3. table you could use a substring function, given that the length of the substring is equal for all entries in that table.
In addition, you can post the date type functionality for the IBC extractor as a feature request in our community.

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Dear Viana,

Thanks for your comment.
If we know very well about SAP function, it is possible to do any kind of conversion column by column by SUBSTRING etc. But my colleagues and clients are not so familiar with SAP. They are usually touching only SAP screen (external format) and confusing difference with Celonis screen (internal format).

Anyway I already raised this point to Service Desk (#PS00037941) and she created product enhancement request.

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