SAP Data Connection setting with On premise Extractor

Hello folks,

I joined Celonis community last month, so I may ask you trivial things.:cry:

Now I am trying to connect Celonis IBC with SAP.
Based on the Celonis Cloud help and Data scientist training cource, I guess data connection structure is like below.

(SAP ECC) <-> (On premise Extractor) <-> (Celonis IBC)

In “New SAP Data Connection” setting in IBC there are fields of Uplink connection, Host, System number, client, user id, password etc.
I understand that Uplink connection information is required for On premise Extractor to connect with IBC.
However other fields seems information of SAP ECC, am I correct ?

My further questions is, when IBC tries to send Data Job info to On premise Extractor, how IBC can find On premise Extractor ?

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Kazuhiko Takata

Hello Kazuhiko,

we have a detailed documentation on our IBC help page, which you can access via this link:

Instead of “your-cloud” you have to fill in the name of your IBC Team.

I hope this answers all your questions.

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Dear Florentin,

Thanks for your instruction.

According to Step 4-2 of documentaion “SAP ECC Connection”, I should specify the connection details of your SAP system, like Host URL etc, right ?

What is the mechanism for IBC to connect (find URL) to On premise Extractor, even IBC setting is only Uplink connection information ?

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Dear Kazuhiko,

To answer your first question:

The specified URL must be your own SAP server URL, while all the other information is used to establish a connection between our cloud and your SAP system.

The mechanism works like this:

The cloud is able to execute ABAP scripts on your targeted SAP system (hence a User with ABAP-Rights is needed). With these scripts our RFC module can be called as a function, thus enabling us to extract and send the tables over the on-prem extractor server back to our cloud.

Further information is again available on IBC help page:

starting at the header “Extraction Procedure”.

I hope this will help you with your concerns.

Best regards,

Dear Florentin,
Thanks for your first answer !!

My second question is before step 1 of "Extraction Procedure”.
At first, especially connection test, how IBC can find IP address of Extractor server ?
Then IBC can send ABAP parameters (step 1).

Separately I checked how Extractor server works. In the end of work, I guessed

  1. When Extractor server is started by “java -jar connector_file_name.jar serve” command, Extractor server send something message to IBC server URL, that is described in application-local.yml. IBC server compares clientID and clientSecret from Extractor server and recognize IP address of Extractor for future connection.
  2. When IBC Data connection is saved for connection test, IBC send something message to memorized Extractor server IP address.