Same data model used by different business areas


We’ve got the challenge that one data model (for O2C) is used by several different business areas like Sales, Logistics or Finance. Every business area likes to get their specific process activities defined in the data model and number of activities increases significantly.
In order to avoid that every business area needs to deal with very detailed activities they are not interested in I’d like to provide a “customized” data model for each business area just showing their relevant process activities.
Due to license restrictions we could not simply multiply the data model. Now I’m looking for ideas how to solve this issue.


I think this is a good idea. I am thinking this could be achieved with something like the authorization objects, but on an activity level. That way activities could be excluded for certain users/groups in a targeted manner.

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Hi ojoeres,

We are having a similar use case (1 ‘big’ data model, used for different dashboards).
One thing you could also do is set a dashboard wide filter to restrict the activities (/cases) included per dashboard without modifying/duplicating the data model.

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Dear joosbuijs,

thanks for the hint, will check on this. The tricky thing is to filter out certain activities without filtering out all related cases, means I still would like to see all cases but certain activities not.


Maybe this topic would be helpful for that:


Hi joosbuijs, Philipp

I have the same situation in which I share a data model with different functional areas with different interest on activity level.

Does Celonis 4.5 have a feature to filter out activities based on role or pre-customizing? I read that Philipp commented about new authorization objects on activity level. Do you have the concept designed and can be shared?

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