Running Conformance on a part of a process

Hi Team,

I have a case management process which i have divided into case creation, case resolution, case closure etc. I need to run separate conformance models for all of these by applying a crop selection filter across each stage.

In my reference model I have an activity(B) that can happen either before or after Activity(A), both the sequences are valid, However my crop selection for setting the scope of the phase is starting from Activity (A) which is ignoring the cases where Activity (B) has happened before(A).

Is there any way to include those cases as well by making changes to my reference model rather than whitelisting them.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Soham,

great to hear from you. I hope that this topic is still relevant. As I understood, the problem is not finding the right process model but rather filtering on the appropriate cases.

My approach would be the following:
Combine the CALC_CROP function with the REMAP_VALUES function to filter on the cases. Therefore, I would not make a change to the reference model. This combination helps you to crop cases where either A or B happens first.

Let’s dive into the code:

The first part of the function is the normal CALC_CROP function that you have probably used before. The second part where you specify the table.column is now exchanged with the REMAP_VALUES function that is returning the changed column. Inside the REMAP_VALUES function you can change values to your liking and list one or more pairs to apply that to.

Now you only have to change the statement to a filter:

Should you have any remaining questions, please let me know.

Best regards,