Rounding within calculation

Hi All,

Currently I have an OLAP table with, amongst others, Sales Order value, Invoice value and a check if these two are equal. For the first two columns (SO value and Invoice value) I just changed the formatting of the column in order to apply 2 decimal rounding. Hence, it’s showing 3319.94 for both SO and Invoice.

However, as per standard SAP these field actually have 15 positions. The results in a problem when I’m applying some filtering. Currently I have a filter in place to show only cases where the delta is bigger than 0. Although for the above case the delta is 0, it still showed up in my table. Reason being that actually the SO has a value of 3319.94000000000545 and the Invoice has a value of something like 3319.939999999999929.

Question now is how to make use of the rounded decimals values instead of the actual values in a filter or formula. Stated in ‘Excel terms’, I want to filter on cases where:

abs(round(“SO value”, 2) - round(“Invoice value”,2)) > 0

It seems like the Round functionality in Celonis can only be applied to full integers and not to decimal values.

Is there any ‘clean’ solution to solve this? Other than having to 1) multiply the value by 100, 2) round to integer, 3) divide by 100 again?

Thank you!

Hi Jeroen,

unfortunately there’s no other solution than the solutions you have suggested. The reason is that the ROUND() function itself returns an integer.

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