Reusable PQL Saved Formulas, Variables and Process KPI's

Hi, Everyone.

I would like to suggest the possibility to reuse PQL code across different analyses.

We have several analyses, within the same process or data model, that have some complex formulas and KPI’s. The problem is that to keep track of all the changes in one saved formula which is the same in 3 or 4 different analyses is very hard, mainly when I have several developers using the same data model to analyse different aspects of the same process.

So, what I would suggest is that Saved Formulas, Variables and Process KPI’s could be defined not only at the analysis level but also at the Data Model Level. This way, not only could I define those pieces of coding inside the data model, every time I would create a new formula or KPI inside an analysis, I could mark it as “public”, so that it could be reused across analyses within the same process.

These should also be available for use within the Action Engine.

If anyone else faces this issue and if you feel this is a good suggestion, let’s make it possible together :slight_smile:

Thank you.