Research collaboration options

Dear researchers,

it is my pleasure to welcome you to our Community! We are regularly collaborating with researchers on a number of topics, including new use cases for Process Mining, as well as technological topics such as Process Mining algorithms and Machine Learning.

If you would like to collaborate with us, we have several options for you:

  • Knowledge Exchange Workshops: Exchange knowledge with some of our industry experts on a specific topic. It is always exciting for us to learn from your expertise, and you can get practical experience from us. These workshops are usually held online.
  • Self-funded Research projects: Research projects conducted out of mutual interest with own resources of Celonis and yourself
  • Consortial Research projects: These projects are the most common form of research projects. Celonis is currently involved in several public funding applications for such research projects
  • Student projects: We can organize student projects co-supervised by you and our experts. These can then also be promoted in our Student group.

If you are interested in conducting such projects, discuss your ideas in this forum or reach out to our R&D Coordinator.

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