Release schedule? Or, when will 4.6 come out?

Hi all,

Similar to Release schedule? Or, when will 4.5 come out? I was wondering when 4.6 will come out, s.t. I can schedule the upgrade accordingly.


Any updates to share? :slight_smile:

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I would also like to know when the new patch is coming out. Granted that I got a reply on one of my questions based around us having this patch already installed.

Any updates? I need to provide LCM (lifecycle management) requests very soon and it would be a shame if our 4.6 upgrade is delayed by a quarter if I have this information too late…

Hi Joos,

the latest releases are always available for download on and the SAP marketplace.
On mycelonis, CPM 4.6 is already available :slight_smile:


Wow! thanks.

Is there a mailing / notification list I can subscribe to to get these notifications automatically?

Hey Joos,

unfortunately not I think, however I was told that there will be a public road map for all products soon.

Stay tuned and BR

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@d.becher Seems like do not have authorisation.
Requested content access if you can ask someone to look into this please.

Also from where we can get full detailed about what’s new in 4.6?

Dear @KalpeshYogi,

please request access to from your respective Customer Success Manager. On mycelonis you will also find the release notes and the bugfixes for Celonis Process Mining 4.6.

Best regards
The Celonis Team