Release schedule? Or, when will 4.6 come out?

Hi all,

Similar to Release schedule? Or, when will 4.5 come out? I was wondering when 4.6 will come out, s.t. I can schedule the upgrade accordingly.


Any updates to share? :slight_smile:

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I would also like to know when the new patch is coming out. Granted that I got a reply on one of my questions based around us having this patch already installed.

Any updates? I need to provide LCM (lifecycle management) requests very soon and it would be a shame if our 4.6 upgrade is delayed by a quarter if I have this information too late…

Hi Joos,

the latest releases are always available for download on and the SAP marketplace.
On mycelonis, CPM 4.6 is already available :slight_smile:


Wow! thanks.

Is there a mailing / notification list I can subscribe to to get these notifications automatically?

Hey Joos,

unfortunately not I think, however I was told that there will be a public road map for all products soon.

Stay tuned and BR

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