Release schedule? Or, when will 4.5 come out?


Hi all,

Not sure if you can share this in public but for our internal upgrade schedule we would like to know when 4.5 will be released. Could you provide more insights?




Hi Joos,

Planned releases of the next Celonis 4 versions are:

  • Celonis Process Mining 4.5: January 2019

  • SAP Process Mining by Celonis 4.5: April 2019

Here is a short preview of major capabilities and features that will be included in both:

Process Analytics

  • New visualization and process analytics components: Worldmap component, Boxplot component, Process AI.
  • New selection capabilities: Undo and redo single selections.
  • Sharing of your current analysis states via simple URL.

Process Mining Engine and calculations

  • New Stateless Process Mining Engine.
  • Matching process variants based on regular expressions.
  • Cluster Variants.
  • Advanced factory calendar options

Please consider that all statements to our roadmap and all forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations.

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Thanks a lot @c.anderson! I understand that roadmaps are subject to change, but this helps us in prioritizing and planning.

Looking forward to the 4.5 release (and of course the 4.6 feature list :slight_smile:


Hi Carolin,

currently latest version for SAP Process Mining by Celonis is 4.3.1.
When will Version 4.4 and 4.4.1 (Service pack 1) come out? As I understood, Celonis will publish one major version and one SP for SAP Process Mining by Celonis per year.

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I also have this question, it would be very helpful to get clarification.


Hi @s_brahmann & @Bockmanp,

The next major releases for SAP Process Mining by Celonis is 4.5 in April 2019. There will be no SAP Process Mining by Celonis 4.4.


Hi all,

In the second post a release date for 4.5 of January was announced. Is there an updated release date available?



Hi - Looking at your response and trying to get an update. We are a few days into February 2019 and I haven’t seen 4.5 being available on the portal. Also, we have been told by SAP that SAP Process Mining 4.5 will likely be released on 3/18 (probably still safe to assume April?).


Hi all,

We plan to release Celonis Process Mining 4.5 in the beginning of March.
For SAP Process Mining by Celonis 4.5 we are currently running the Premium Qualification Process and it is right to assume we will be able to release the version in April.

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Thanks for the update Manuel! Looking forward to apply Celonis 4.5 to the 120 million rows (and growing) of generic process data (i.e. different processes combined into 1 general table structure).


Dear Celonis Community,

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This webinar is designed to offer you an overview of the new features and functionalities of Celonis Process Mining 4.5 being released beginning of March 2019 and SAP Process Mining by Celonis being released mid of April. The focus areas of this release are major performance improvements, user collaboration and experience, advanced process visualizations and advanced PQL functionalities. We will give you an overview of the features including a live demo and questions and answers session.

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Dear Celonis Community,

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Celonis Process Mining 4.5 - What’s new? (030819)

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Celonis Process Mining 4.5 - What’s new? (200319)

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You guys sure know how to keep up the tension, first a release date of March 8, then 13, now 15 :smiley: :wink:


Jay! 4.5 is out :smiley:
Now I can start bugging our system engineers to upgrade :slight_smile:


Any information or update to the timeline on when the SaaS environment of Celonis will be upgraded to 4.5?


Hey Dallas,

Celonis 4 SaaS environments will be migrated and update individually. We’ll reach out to you personally.

Have a great day!