Relation QMMA does not exist

Hello all,

we wanted to connect a new process via process connectors. We selected the process “Quality Management”. The extraction of the data was successful. Nevertheless we have a problem with the transformation. The table “QM_QMMA” could not be created. The error message is further down.I have checked whether the table is extracted at all. It is extracted, but the table seems to be empty. Furthermore, this table is not listed in the Schema Explorer and I also pressed the reload button. Is the problem triggered because the table returns 0 rows? I have also noticed that the other tables ( QM_MARA, QM_MARD, QM_LFA1, QM_KNA1, QM_AUFK, QM_MSEG, QM_QPCT) return 0 rows during manual execution. Therefore, I wonder whether this process makes any sense at all if the data is hardly available.

Thanks in advance

Dear Ilik, thanks for sharing this. It seems there is some extraction issue with the QMMA table. Do the other tables MARA, MARD, … work? In any case please open up a Servicedesk ticket --> And please add the Support ID as characters. :slight_smile: