RCALL function implementation



can someone from Celonis please provide proper documentation for RCALL and RAGG functions? I do not understand how to do the syntax of the code (it is obviously a bit different than in R studio) and errors in Celonis do not really say anything.

Best Regards and Thanks in advance,
Václav Juren



Hi Václav,

In order to use the functions RCALL and RAGG a R server has to be set up and added to the Celonis configuration. This is currently still possible for Celonis 4 but is not supported in the IBC. We just updated the R-Documentation on our CPM 4.4 help: https://help.celonis.de/display/PQLE/R+Server+Functions . I also have attached the relevant documentation as a PDF.

As an alternative to R, you can also use our Python API.

The Python API works directly on the data model to retrieve necessary data, run calculations on it and push results back to the data model. Due to the vast amounts of available machine learning packages and a huge open source community for Python, you can apply any prebuilt code or scripts already available in your organization.

If you are currently using Celonis 4.3/4.4, then you can access the full documentation for the Celonis Python API by downloading it from my.celonis.de.

If you are using the IBC then you can find the documentation for the Celonis Python API at https://[your_team].[your_realm].celonis.cloud/documentation/

I hope this helps,

Best Regards,
Calandra (Celonis Data Science Team)

PQL-R Server Functions-Documentation.pdf (3.3 KB)
PQL-RCALL-Documentation.pdf (9.4 KB)
PQL-RAGG-Documentation.pdf (7.4 KB)



Hello Calandra,

So this means that in Celonis 4.5 RCALL and RAGG will not be working anymore at all?

Best Regards and Thanks,
Václav Juren




no, it’s also available in CPM4.5. The according Documentation can be found here: https://help.celonis.de/display/PQL45/R+Server+Functions

Best regards