Ranking the Users based on Date

How can i rank users based on the Date appeared in the table.This table is not a activity table unfortunately.The table has users and multiple date assigned to them and i want to know the Date they first appeared in that table. I can use OLAP table and just use a MIN Function but i also want to show it in a Column Chart. Basically that Column Chart will have a week as dimension and no.of users in KPI.I should be able to differentiate New Users vs Existing for a Particular week.Any Advice Please ?

Hi @sravan90,

As far as I understand, your first issue is that you want to select the first date that the users appeared in the table. Your second is issue is that you want to display it in a column chart.

For the first issue you could use the Pull Up Function

PU_FIRST ( child_table, parent_table.column [, filter_expression] [, order_by_expression] )

If the user and the date is in the same table you have to use a Domain Table.

The second issue can be solved by creating a week dimension that uses the date you pulled with PU_First. For the KPI you simply have to count the users that fall into that week.

In case you need further support on how to set up the dimension and KPI in the chart, feel free to reach out to us again.

Best regards,