Quick time differenсe display in a specific format

Hello everyone,

I have a question about quick display of dates in a certain form.

There are two date-time fields, A and B. I need to calculate the difference between them and to display it in user-friendly format HH:MM:SS. For example, A = 12:30:05, B=14:20:00, then I want to have 1:49:55.

Using the celonis function DATEDIFF(ss) or SECONDS_BETWEEN I obtain a big number like 6595.
Сan I get this time difference in the desired format HH:MM:SS in some natural way, without using tiring formulas like SECONDS_BETWEEN(A,B)/3600 || ‘:’ || SECONDS_BETWEEN(A,B)/60 || ‘:’ || SECONDS_BETWEEN(A,B)%60 and so on?

Thank you,

Hi Polina,

I have the same problem. So I tried your proposal, but it didn’t work.

Do you already have an easier solution?