Pycelonis Script : merge Analysis sheet from two different Analyses

Dear all,

If you already know, could you share your idea how to merge Analysis sheet from two different Analyses ?

I am managing template Analyses topic by topic (On-time delivery, Segregation of Duty etc.), and my client want to merge some of them and see the combined analysis.

I could copy analysis to text (JSON) file and could load back to Celonis as backup procedure. So I imagine I can do above when I copy to text, merge text and load back to Celonis.

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Hi Kazuhiko,

maybe the pycelonis helps in that case. You could check whether the following article provides you support in that case:

In case you already have the analysis in the same team, I would probably go for the solution you proposed.



Dear Justin,

Thanks for your reply. I read this case study and enhanced my function below.

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def merge_analysis(analysis_original, analysis_merged, analysis_new_name):
    Merge two analyses and create new analysis as draft version.
    All features except for images are merged.

    analysis_original : :class:`Analysis`
        To be copied all features
    analysis_merged : :class:`Analysis`
        To be copied formulas, variables, sheets, color mappings, palettes
    analysis_new_name : str
        name of new Analysis

        The newly created Analysis

    # create empty analysis
    analysis_new = workspace.create_analysis(analysis_new_name)
    # inherit feature of original ananlysis['document'] =['document']
    # merge formulas
    formulas = analysis_original._saved_formula_data + analysis_merged._saved_formula_data
    for f in formulas:
    # merge variables
    variables =['document']['variables'] +['document']['variables']['document']['variables'] = variables
    # merge sheets
    sheets =['document']['components'] +['document']['components']['document']['components'] = sheets
    # merge color mappings
    colorMappings =['document']['colorMappings'] +['document']['colorMappings']['document']['colorMappings'] = colorMappings
    # merge palettes
    palettes =['document']['palettes'] +['document']['palettes']['document']['palettes'] = palettes
    # return new analysis
    return analysis_new

thanks for your input. I will discuss with my colleagues and see if we can include something like this in our next pycelonis release!.
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