PyCelonis: Pushing new process models to analysis

Hey dear Celonis Community,

In my Company we have several production processes shown in one data model. Thats because we basically use the same data but the exact process differs on which product we are building. I’m thinking about creating a dashboard with our best performing process models (e.g. conformance check)
But i can only give one process model at a time to the analysis. So my idea is maybe i can automate it with python.

I want to do the following with an iteration over all our process models:

  1. pushthe process model to the analysis
  2. filter the data only to the requested process
  3. get for each process model some data back to python (for example: Percentage of correct processes, Top 5 Violations, Costs , Process Steps etc)

Is something like this possible? We are using an On-Premise Version and this would boost our process management because we could do a fast check over all our process models and find exactly the ones we need to adjust.

Thanks and a nice weekend
Daniel M.