Pull up calculation a1 & N table relationship

Hi folks
how to define a1 tabLe and N table in pull-up function. I mean which table belongs to a1 and which table belongs to N. I just wanted to know the definition of a1 and N table.
as its creating confusion. As I am new in celonis.
Folks you help will be appreciated.

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Inder Mehta

Hi Inder,

there is a pull up function guide available: The longest but ultimate guide for being a Pull-Up-Functions expert
which most probably will answer the question - if not Iā€™m happy to help further.

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Hi v.kalversberg,
Thanks a lot for your reply. I have already gone through the above guide. I understood the pull-up Calculation.But I am getting confused in order to understand a1 Table and N table.
Please make my doubt clear on the following.
N Table= Parent Table
a1 Table= Child Table

Am I right on the Above?

Inder Mehta


yes, the 1 is the child table and n is the parent table:

PU_X ( child_table, parent_table.column [, filter_expression] )

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Hi Viana,
Thanks a lot , now i got it.