PU_Sum; aggregation over Sales Order

Hi All,

As example reflecting only 1 specific SO, we currently have the following situation:

All deliveries/billings from SO line items 10, 20 and 30 have a date in Q1 or Q2, whereas the date of the delivery/billing related to SO line item 40 is in Q3. Only Q1 and Q2 data is loaded in Celonis, so the delivery/billing related to item 40 is not yet loaded.

Now we’d like to calculate the total billed quantity for this specific Sales Order.

As expected, PU_SUM(“VBAP”, “_CEL_O2C_CASES”.“INVOICE_QTY”) returns 40000, 40000 and 31600 for so lines 10, 20 and 30 respectively.

However, if we want to aggregate over SO instead of SO line item and use PU_SUM(“VBAK”, “_CEL_O2C_CASES”.“INVOICE_QTY”), it returns 120000 whereas we only expect 111600.

Any idea what’s causing this sum of 120000 and how it can be solved to show the aggregation on SO level of only the loaded delivery/billing documents?



If you are looking to get total quantity by sales order ONLY for Q1 and Q2 then maybe below should work.

Note- In TABLE.DATE you need to provide your date column reference and values accordingly.

goodluck! :slight_smile: