Hi Team,
When I tried to run the below code, the errors says that "Initial parameter must be a table but not column.
Note: Parent table and child tables both are same.

SUM(CASE WHEN PU_COUNT_DISTINCT(“table”, “table”.“Order”, “table”.“ACTIVITY” = ‘REASON’) = 1 THEN 1.0 ELSE 0.0 END)

Can you please help me to solve this error.


Hello bavajips,
If you want to use a PU function in which the parent table and the child table are the same you need to use the DOMAIN_TABLE function for the child table and specify a column.
E.g. PU_COUNT_DISTINCT(DOMAIN_TABLE(“table”.“PLACEHOLDER”), “table”.“Order”, “table”.“ACTIVITY” = ‘REASON’)
Please try this out and see whether the error still occurs.

Best regards,
Your Data Science Team