Productive time

Hi colleagues,

Do you know any method how the actual productive time could be calculated (excluding the time when a “ticked” is waiting to be taken over)?

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If your data model contains a timestamp for when the activity was begun and another when it ended then its possible to calculate the difference. Of course this is only possible if your source system contains time stamps for both the beginning and the end of the activity. An end timestamp column can be added to your activity table. It can be filled for those activities where you have an end time stamp and left NULL for the others. Once the column is added to the activity table the settings for the table have to be updated in Data model to tell Celonis it’s the end timestamp column.

In the IBC the activity table settings looks like this:

In Celonis 4.5 the settings page instead looks like this:

I hope this helps. If you have further questions, feel free to write back.

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