Procure to Pay Model question on multiple processes - Best practices / Recommended approach

The PTP model which we are working on has several major processes such as

  1. Standard Procurement
  2. Stock Transport Orders
  3. Drop Ship purchase orders (originated from Sales orders)
  4. Returns Purchase orders
  5. Inter-company purchase orders etc.
  6. International purchase orders

In order to see these processes separately under Celonis IBC cloud., we can develop Custom transformations. However we want to understand what is the best practice or recommended approach.

To elaborate the question - Let us consider example of one activity “Create purchase order item”

Is it recommended to create multiple activities - one for each process such as

  1. Create standard purchase order item
  2. Create stock transport order item
  3. Create Drop Ship purchase orders item
  4. Create Returns Purchase order item
  5. Create Inter-company purchase order item
  6. Create International purchase order item

Is it recommended to just use the common activity name “Create purchase order item” for all the above processes and use attributes such as document type, item category etc. to correctly identify the process?

Another alternative we are thinking is to create 6 dummy activities to denote starting point of 6 different processes which will come immediately after system’s “Process Start” and then the processes will flow through common activities thereafter. The first dummy activity after “Process Start” will tell which specific process is starting.

We will appreciate if anyone want to provide a feedback on the best practices or recommended approach to take in case of multiple processes.


Vilas Kulkarni
NTT Data - PTP Lead
McKesson Project

Hello Vilas,

Hope I understood your question correctly -

Let me split this into 2 parts -

  1. Extraction & Tranformation.
  2. Applications

First one - Extraction & Transformation is one-time activity. Just ensure you add custom tables(if any) and also while model mapping.

Second one- It is recommended to adopt the standard apps developed by Celonis until you get familiar about the applications and master to develop your own SQL codes to read the data else it requires lot of efforts during transformation.

Celonis has more than 30 apps and hope this should cover most of the standard process and for custom specific, New Analysis can be configured as the Business requirement.

1:1 Mapping of current Business process is definitely not recommended.

Hope this helps !

Hi Vivek,

Even if we use celonis standard app for analysis. Still we have to provide data model which include transformation. Coming to your second point how exactly using celonis appstore template will reduce the transformation complexity. Thanks!!