Process Model - Version and Release management

What if i create subsequent/multiple versions of the process in the platform and wants to retrieve previous versions, how can i access it ?, where are they stored?

you mean versions of your analysis?

yes, version of my process analysis.

I am not sure if this is gonna answer your question but one thing you can do for sure is to revert to “published version”


you can also create your versions as well in your workspace for instance this is how I do it and it works for me:

[Live]: what can be used productively
[Dev]: under development
[V1]: the previous productive analysis

@vijain please take into consideration that reverting to published version will delete all your work in edit mode

Hi @e.ndrio thanks for the suggestion. One of my major concern is, Can i switch between multiple published versions ?, and where are my published version resides ? , can i see them in a list at any place ?

or simply i can say that i have published my analysis with some changes, but it want the old version back as i had some issues with my new published version, so is it possible that i can achieve it?

Hi vijain,

You can using the Machine Learning Workbench, but this is quite a complex process. Using the MLW, you can use Python and the package PyCelonis to retrieve Celonis Objects and store them, for instance using GIT. This use case is briefly explained here:

Note that this will back-up all your projects and analyses. To recover a previous version of an analysis, you have to clearly specify which analysis and which version you want to put back. To be honest, this took me quite some time to code in a reusable way.

Hopefully this will help you with your answer.

Kind regards,