Process Automation is moving into Celonis Studio

Dear Celonis community,

I want to make you aware of the fact that Process Automation is moving into the Celonis Studio. From November 30 on, users create, edit and maintain all Process Automation contents in the studio. Existing contents are automatically moved.


  • What will happen to my existing Process Automation Skills?
    All existing Process Automation Skills are automatically moved to the Celonis Studio. They are added to one package called “Process Automation Skills”. All links to Action Engine Skills remain unchanged and continue to work seamlessly.


  • Why does Process Automation move there and what is the advantage?
    As an immediate value add, you can now maintain analyses and Process Automation contents at one place without having to switch tabs. Besides, the studio allows you to create folders (e.g. separate Order Management and Procurement automations) to administrate your contents more easily.

  • Who will have access to Skills in Celonis Studio?
    Users with Edit Package(s) permission (including Admins) have edit access to the Process Automation Skills in the Studio. All users who currently have Edit Skill(s) permissions in Process Automation will have Edit Package permissions in the Studio. Studio permissions can be edited in the Team Settings.

  • What does that mean for Action Engine?
    Just as you used to, you can set up Skills in Action Engine (to specify the business logic) and link them to Process Automation in the Studio (to perform automations). If you are building an Execution App, you can already set up everything (business logic + automations) in one place in the Studio.

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