Problem uploading a SAP AP file to Snap

Hi all, I have a problem uploading the BKPF.CSV file to SAP AP using the Quickstart option of SNAP.
The file was generated with the extractor requested to the SNAP tech team.
The message is: "The file cannot be matched to any of the required tables. Please make sure that the file name starts with the table name"SNAP_ticket_130414.pdf (288.9 KB)
Attached is a file with screen captures
Any hint?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Luis,

did you download the data yourself or did you use the extractor?

In case you did youself in general each table needs two files:

  1. the header table which has this name: BKPF_HEADER.csv
  2. the content table which has this name: BKPF_0

Attached some examples

BKPF_0_20200518_134921.csv (5.9 KB) BKPF_HEADER_20200518_134921.csv (374 Bytes)

Hi, e.

Fixed. Everithing seems OK, data has been uploaded and the analysis is already created.

We received the files from the extractor, several files for every table (see attached picture)
We thought that because the big volume the extractor splited the data in several files so we merged them in once.
Now we know the files to expect, we merged the content files in one, so we have one file for the header and one file for the content.

Thanks for your help. You can close the ticket.




Hi Luis,

glad to hear that.

Hi, is there any smart way to translate the name of the activities?
The names are ceated in English and we would like to have it in Spanish.



Hi Luis,

this is possible only in the enterprise edition so far.