Problem in Assigning permissions in Team

I am using the Sandbox environment where i am the admin. When i am updating or changing the permissions and user roles for a member in the team, the changes are not reflected in the member’s IBC. So i need some assistance on this problem.

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Hi Rajdeepak,

Could you provide the details or describe the scenario.

What changes are not reflecting for the users ?

Because changes made by admins are reflected immediatly.

Hi Bhavik,
I need to change the permissions for one of the user in my team. Previously he is having all permissions now i just need to give him only Event collection permissions . When i removed all accesses and given only event collection access, the user can even see all the applications in his IBC.

It is strange scenario.
I would have tried remapping the access again for the user.
Kindly let me know if you were able to resolve the same.