Prerequisite for process mining?

Hey All,

i’m doing some evaluation for process mining and want to know the pre- requisite for this.


Hi @sandhya.pundir,

Welcome to our community! Great to hear that you are interested in Process Mining!
A good starting point to make yourself familiar with process mining might be our Website and all our social media channels.
Furthermore, you can check out our trainings! You will get access

As a partner you will find lots more information in the Partner Portal!

Basically, you can start mining by having data that has a unique case key, a timestamp, and an activity. However, this is just the starting point on the process mining journey!

In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again!

Happy Mining !


Hi Stegmaier,

I am Rajani Kanth, Celonis Partner, have completed Process mining training/certification. Please guide me with the approach that I should take to make myself familiarize with content. Currently, I am finding everything new and not in a position to identify the right direction. Please help.


Hi @Rajani_Kanth_Chepoor,

In case you have already done all the training tracks, I would suggest that you start working in our environment. We offer a Celonis Snap (Process Mining free of charge). You could try everything there and make yourself familiar with Celonis.

You can create your own team using the following link:

Hopefully, that’ll help you to explore the opportunities Celonis offers!

Happy Mining