Premise 4.6 - User analysis stats and usage

We are trying to do a user analysis to understand the usage of Celonis applications and were able to process the audit logs.

Is there a way to understand how many Users were created along with user groups and Date of creation of User id etc.


Dear Swathi,

There are multiple options to analyze the usage of Celonis:

  1. As you mentioned, the Audit Logs contain all security-relevant events, such as user creation, group creation, and access to Analyses / Data Models (with the respective IDs and timestamps) in a .txt file.
  2. Additionally, there is the possibility to enable Access Logging (via the / in the ./component_configurations folder), which focuses on the usage of Analyses specifically. You can even set up access logging to an external database. From there, it is possible to re-import the data into Celonis to analyze it with a dedicated Data Model / Analysis.
  3. The third option is to enable Login Logging (via the / in the ./component_configurations folder). The behavior is equal to the Access Logs, but it captures login events.

I hope this helps!