Platform Updates Stability

How do platform updates affect previous versions of the software?, or if have an Analyzed process in place on a lower version of the software and then i upgrade the software, will my process works smoothly on new version also?, or do i need to make changes to the modeled process ?

Hi Vijain,

I’m assuming you’re talking about the on-premise version of Celonis.

We’re using this as well and so far all upgrades (in the version 4 range of the product at least) are done without manual work required on the dashboards and datamodels. All is updated automatically if necessary.

Hope this answers your question!

Small update: just noticed the ‘Snap User’ text next to your username: in SNAP, and IBC/cloud updates should not affect current dashboards. But I’m not a Celonis official so I’m just assuming/hoping/expecting here :slight_smile: