People and Processes: How do Teams Shape Process Performance? We are Searching for Celonis Customers to Collaborate

Dear everybody,

We are a couple of researchers interested in pursuing a joint project with Celonis customers. Our idea is to add a human resources (HR) perspective to process mining. We propose to analyze how the composition of teams involved in standardized processes affects the performance of a process.

Given our analysis, we believe that we can present important insights both for process mining users who would be willing to cooperate with us, how processes should be staffed, and how the people that take care of a process should be trained.

We are seeking to help firms (i) identify whether there are individuals that play the role of a bottleneck, (ii) suggest how a firm can pre-empt the risk of process disruption by staffing and training the people involved in such a process, and (iii) examine how to design processes that allow for teleworking. Ultimately, the results of such an analysis could provide valuable insights for evidence-based decisions making in core HR tasks such as hiring, staffing and training as well as process design and employee assignment.

If you are interested in working with us, kindly have a look at the attached project description including the researchers’ profiles. Please do not hesitate to contact us (e.g., here or at

We would like to stress that we are not interested in individuals’ identity and guarantee the strictest compliance with data protection directives. We will also keep your project-related workload to an absolute minimum. Also note that the project is a research project – external funding is not necessary.

Kind regards,


People and Processes_Research Project.pdf (386.5 KB)