Partial load API - Can't connect to celonis

In the sandbox, environment following the notebooks, when I run:

"from pycelonis import get_celonis

celonis = get_celonis()"

it tells me i don’t have permissions:

"WARNING:pycelonis:The IBC did not accept the credentials: "

I have given the application key all permissions in the team settings and in the event collection.

What am i doing wrong?

Hi Joao,

Thank you for writing to us. Can you send us the full screenshot of your error as well as the code block you are trying to run (of course blurring out any keys that you are manually adding in the code) so that we can understand your problem better?
Are you using the ML workbench and is your workbench updated to the newest version where the application key was automatically generated for you?

Looking forward to the details.


Hi Noor,

I have in the meantime found a solution. The problem was IP-Based restrictions.