Parallel processes / Subprocesses


I have an issue with the Parallel processes feature.

Here is my activity table and my process configuration in the data-model:


This is what I expect to see in the process explorer:

But this is what I get…

I do not know why the parallel process configuration is not taken into account :frowning:

Thank you in advance for your help,
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Do you know what should be modified in the activity table and/or process configuration to make this work ?

Thank you for your help,
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Hi Robin,

you would have to configure the parallel process like the following:

to get this result:

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Where do you find the ability to set up the "process configuration for parallel processes? Or, can you help point to documentation on parallel processes?

Hi mhs5000,

I had the same question and it turns out that this will be replaced with the multi-event functionality that Celonis will release later this year. For now the Parent-child functionality as it is described in this post is not available anymore (at least in the IBC).


Hello, I’ve a question that I cannot solve . my process is composed of 3 step blocks, and products will follow either BLK + FG or BLK + SFG + FG. My identifier is a lot number defined at BLK stage, that may be splited in smaller lots (always with the same identifier) for the next steps. I would like to find a way to indicate in the model that the steps in a block are always to be done in sequence (to make sure that the model is not creating backwards links)

Any idea?