P2P demo data to a pandas dataframe

I am trying to use the demo P2P data as a pandas dataframe throught the ML Workbench.

Following the documentation :

from pycelonis import get_celonis

login = {
“celonis_url” : “url”
“api_token” : “token”

celonis = get_celonis(**login)

pycelonis: Login successful! Hello vasilis
<pycelonis.api.IBC at 0x7f6cb9719340>


<Workspace, id 0036fb70-61e7-4e8e-92d3-4aeac9d563bd, name Purchase To Pay Demo Analysis>

Then when i try to find the analysis i get " No result found for id : xxx"

analysis = celonis.analyses.find(‘0036fb70-61e7-4e8e-92d3-4aeac9d563bd’)

Any hints how to get the OLAP table of the P2P demo data to a pandas dataframe?