Order to Cash - Formula for selection of customers ordering via a defined order channel

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I work on an analysis to monitor, which sales order channel our customers use.
Therefor I need a button for each order channel, where a viewer can select all customers ordering e.g. via EDI at on click.
So the Viewer can analyse all customers with the possibility of ordering via EDI and can identify which other order channel those customers use.
At the moment, the viewer has to select via a filter “order channel” ‘EDI’, then select all customers and remove the EDI filter, because otherwise the viewer can see only sales order items received via EDI.

Can someone help me with the formula please?

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You could use the “Button” component to set a variable and then use that variable to apply e.g. a sheet filter.

AFAIK, it is not possible to set selections (filters you can see in the top) directly from buttons, but sheet filters are a nice workaround.

When clicking the button you could write the following to your variable: FILTER "VBAK"."BSARK" = 'EDI'.
To “cancel” the filter, you’d need to put another filter expression into the variable, that doesn’t exclude items per default (such as FILTER ISNULL("VBAP"."_CASE_KEY")=0;)

Hello Carina,

for our “Automated Order Entry” Analysis we just are implementing an OLAP Table with a similar purpose. We wanted to see the shared distribution of each Sales Orgs Order Entry types like "EDI, CRM, manual etc.)
The table (only draft so far) will look like this:

For your purpose Sales Org of course could be replaced by CustomerNr.

If you are interested in how we implemented it, let me know :slight_smile: This is not the real solution for your question, but maybe a nice idea.


Hi Marcel,

thanks for your answer. I have implemented an OLAP Table like yours.
We have a lot of EDI Customers ordering a high quote manual or via Customer Portal. I like to give our CELONIS viewers the opportunity to click on a button and then he only sees all customers ordered via EDI but also the quote of other order channels the customer used. At the moment the viewer has to select all EDI customers manual…

I also tried to implement the table dimension “Customer” the way that only customers ordered vie EDI using a case when statement and the process start = e.g. EDI. But unfortunately it didn’t work.

Do you have an other idea?

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Hi Maximilian,

unfortunately we don’t have this in our CELONIS implementation. I have to write a formula using activities like “Create Sales Order Item (EDI)” to identifiy the Order Channel.

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Hi Carina,

above code was more of an example rather than the final solution. If you want to go via the activity, you could simply use the “process equals” function in the filter like so:

FILTER PROCESS EQUALS 'Create Sales Order Item (EDI)'