OLAP Table - Throughput Time between Activities

Hi everyone,

I am looking for an OLAP table which can show multiple KPI’s (MODUS, MEAN, TRIMMED MEAN, QUANTILE) of the throughput time between activities.
The business use case is to have a comprehensive overview of the “real” throughput time from Celonis in order to compare these values with the current master data settings in the operating system.

The first row is showing the overall throughput time of the process from the first activity (A) to the last activity (D) (e.g. from customer order is received until product arrived at the customer.
In the rows below I want to check the throughput time of the individual process steps. For example, activity A (start pick&pack) to activity B (complete pick&pack))

Question 1: How can I show in the first columns the two activities I am interested in?
Question 2: In addition, how can I add an individual line like illustrated as Bottom Up SUM

Question 2: How can the MODUS be calculated? There is no PQL function available
In general, I am clear about calculating the MEAN between two activities like below

I am on version 4.3 and will move to 4.5 by the end of this week.

Thanks for your help

Hi schneith,

welcome back to the community!

First, let me raise some questions to make sure that I get your issue right.

  1. As far as I understand you are looking at a single case in your table. The Throughput time in that case does not differ when applying a median, trimmed mean, modus or quantile. Do you want to analyze all cases and only the process flow from A-B, B-C, C-D even if there are more possible options?
  2. You want to display the Throughput Time of that case from A to B, B to C and so on. Where does the difference between the Bottom Up Sum and the process flow from A to D come from?

Now, Let me try to answer your questions:

Question 1: You could use Source() and Target to display the process Steps from A to B, B to C and so. You can apply it as follows:

SOURCE(“Activity Table”.“Activity Name Column”) || ’ --> ’ || TARGET(“Activity Table”.“Activity Name Column”)

Question 2: However, the Source/Target solution will not display the Bottom Up Sum or the process flow from A to D. To do that you would need to create a second table. It is not possible to combine both.

If you have further questions let me know. It would be great if you could provide further information that we can look at your issue more in detail