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I am new to Celonis, and I have been trying in the last month to develop a job where I need to identify and quantify the Reworked Activities in a Process. I was able to calculate the time spent each time the Activity is executed within a given Case, but I was unable to filter only the Reworked Activities. I only need to show the Number of Hours spent on Rework Activities. What I’ve managed to build so far is this:

Reworked activities highlighted in yellow


TARGET ( REMAP_TIMESTAMPS ( “Activities”.“Timestamp”, MINUTES ) ) -
SOURCE ( REMAP_TIMESTAMPS ( “Activities”.“Timestamp”, MINUTES ) )

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Hi Thiago,

How do you identify the rework cases in your usecase?
If you have the conditions with which you can identify rework cases, then you can use for example a CASE WHEN statement to filter them.
You can also filter cases directly in the Process Explorer be clicking on an activity or a connection and selecting ‘with’ or ‘without’ and then ‘Keep Selections’.

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In my case, in Happy Way, the activities are not repeated. I identified the Reworked Activities in another Analysis, counting the Activities that had repetitions, but I was unable to reproduce the same calculations in this new table. It is not feasible for me to do this through the Process Explorer, as I have many Cases and Variants in the Log. The calculations I made for the Rework count were:


Dimension: “Activities”.“Activity”
KPI: MAX(INDEX_ACTIVITY_TYPE (“Activities”.“Activity”))

Component Filter:
FILTER (CASE WHEN ACTIVATION_COUNT (“Activities”.“Activity”) > 1 THEN 1.0 ELSE 0.0 END) = 1

Thank you!

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Hi Thiago,

The calculation logic looks good and if it already worked on the other analysis it should be correct. Then the problem must be in the difference of the tables or of the data. Can you tell what the difference to the previous analysis is or if the data is somehow different?

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Celonis Data Science Team

When I try to apply one of the calculations to the other table, an error occurs with the following message:

> No common parent was found - check your scheme.

The data is the same, I just created two different OLAP Tables to test the calculations. I don’t know how to resolve this error.

Hi Thiago,

The message > No common parent was found - check your scheme. refers to the fact that the KPI can not be joined with the dimension, and thus not displayed in the table. Here you can find a more detailed description of the Error you are facing from the help page:

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Celonis Data Science Team

Well, I understood the restrictions related to the error, but I still don’t know how to solve my problem … How can I do this Rework Calculation by Activity?