No common parent for calculating time difference

Hi all,

Currently we are doing an analysis on late Goods Receipt (i.e. Invoice receipt happens before Goods receipt). This is done based on the data model below:

However, now we got stuck on the issue how to calculate the time difference between the goods receipt and the invoice receipt. Using ‘DATEDIFF(dd, “MSEG”.“BUDAT_MKPF”, “RBKP”.“BUDAT”)’ results in the error that these tables do not have a common parent in the schema.

Any ideas on how to link these fields and calculate the delta in days?


If you define activities in your eventlog for these timestamps you can simply use the CALC_THROUGHPUT, no need to go to the actual tables. Also, if I may offer some advice, I’d recommend simplifying your datamodel (why do you have 2 activity tables!?), and trying to connect as much directly to your case table as possible to avoid the “no common parent” error.