Need to connect Database (HANA/ SQL Sever) to Celonis IBC Sandbox

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I have a Celonis Sandbox instance ( and we are trying to connect this to HANA DB and SQL Server by providing the credentials but are unable to get the connection working. Below are the details.

1>>The HANA DB is on Azure Cloud, we had selected database type “SAP HANA” and entered the other details which didn’t work and we got a simple error message “unable to test the connection” . What other configuration needs to be done (please specify the details)

2>> The SQL Server 2012 is deployed on a Windows server system (on Azure cloud), we opened the TCP port 1433 at both the OS level and the Azure level for the same for this but the connection has not worked.

Could you please help.Thank you!


can you please open a ticket at ? They can provide further support with this kind of errors.



TCP Port for HANADB is 30215. Pls try and share the screenshot if you still getting an error.

Hi Team,

Many thanks for your response.

Update from my end is as follows-

1> :metal: I am now able to connect to SQL Sever after getting a Public IP of the Instance on Azure and opening the port 1433 at both OS level (where DB is installed ) and at Azure level.

2> :thinking: For HANA DB also we got the public IP created in Azure and tried to connect but are getting an error. Our instance no. is ‘01’ . I have tried with ports 30115 and 30215 (screenshot attached). Port opened at Azure level are 30115,30215,30113,30213.

Could you please suggest if we should open other ports at Azure level or anywhere else in HANA DB to enable the connection.

Thank you!


Host is IP address connected to SAP system in Azure.