Need S/4 Hana Custom Tables Connection with Celonis Sandbox

Hi Experts ,

We need to connect our Celonis Sandbox instance with CUSTOM TABLES in S/4 Hana.

1>What the different ways of doing it ?

2>What extra steps would be required in such cases for the final analyses creation in comparison to the connection apps available for standard tables/processes for e.g. S/4 Hana P2P connector

3> Is the above scenario also possible for Custom tables in SAP ECC ?

Could you please help!
Thank you.

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in order to support on these questions, it would be important to know if you are referring to Celonis On-premise or Celonis IBC?


Hi V,

We were thinking to connect a Celonis Sandbox instance ( to the S/4 HANA (on premise) so I understand it must be IBC.

Thank you!

Hi Prateek,

You need to add Custom table manually and add in Data Model, if you know the flow of data from Target-Source table by linking Primary keys.

Standard Analysis will work only if it is replace of standard table else Celonis expert team may need to write the complete code for custom table.

Hope this helps !