N : K relation in a node with two leaves in the Inventory Management Process

Hi everyone,
at the Plansee Group we do Inventory Management with Celonis. After three months, we have setup a new data model with most of the business requests covered.
We do also calculate the Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO). This works well. Now, we’d like to add the evolution of the DIO with time. However, there are three tables (A,B,C) involved with A being the parent node and B and C being a leaf of A each. The relations are 1:N (A:B) and 1:K (A:C). In order to calculate the DIO, we use PU_FUNCTIONS to pull data from B and C on A. Thus, the N:K relation is resolved.

Now, we’d like to represent the Evolution with time by a date which is only given in table C. While, we could choose a data in the first approach within the condition of a PU_FUNCTION, this doesn’t apply if we choose the data to be a dimension of the component.

I’d appreciate your input from a developer perspective very much and I am looking forward hearing from you. As the logical connection is quite complex, feel free to give me a phone call as well and lets start a screen share session.


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