Multiple Data Engineers changing the same Transformation task code

I was editing the code in the Transformation task and at the same time, my colleague was also changing the same transformation task. Then, both the codes got reflected, which is not correct. Is there anyway through which we can restrict other person to access that code if someone else is working on it.

Hi @pooja1,

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Unfortunately, there is currently no way to restrict editing the transformations.



Hello @j.stegmaier,

Would love to have this functionality in the upcoming releases.
Faced the same issue with my team as well, as someone revised and changed the code.

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Hi @pooja1 & @Jayanta,

I raised a feature request for that topic. Our development is now informed and will take care of solving that issue in the future. Unfortunately, I am not able to provide you timeline for that. However, I will keep you posted when I have further information!



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