Mult two tables


I tried to build an OLAP table with les champs suivants :
OverDelivery: “EKPO”.“UNTTO”
UnderDelivery: “EKPO”.“UEBTO”

I would like to create an column with

CHANGED_FROM * OverDelivery

But I received an error message. How could I do this multiplication between those tables ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Audrey,

thank you for your question!

The error message appears as you are multiplying a string input with a float which is not possible.
In the standard P2P datamodel you should have the column CHANGED_FROM also in float format. This Column is called:


If you don’t have this column you need to set it up by casting the respective input column as a float int the Event Collection.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

Celonis Data Science Team