Monitor last Login-Time from Users

we need to monitor the last Login-Time per user.
Target is to identify Users which hadn’t used their account for more than 3 month to disable the accounts.
We use our Celonis 4.5 SP2 System based on a Postgres DB but we can’t find any metadata about last login.

Does anybody know how we could implement that?

Thanks for any advice!


Hi Benedikt,

currently, the only option that comes close, is to search for the last login event of a specific user in the audit_logging.txt.

To activate the logging of login events stop the application and go to component_configurations inside of the installation directory. If not existent already, create an file by copying the and removing the .sample extension.
Inside of the configuration file, set audit_logging.login to true.

Hope we could help!

Thanks for your advice.
I have just seen that there is also an “” which is able to log the log in time and user to a database.
As we are already using postgres for metadata i could by quite handy to log that here. With that we could easily identify users we are searching for.

Is there any difference between login-logging and using audit logging to log login events?

kind regards