Modified Touchrate: Activities on Header and Itemlevel


Hi evereyone,

I would like to calculate a touchrate which gives me the manual touches per case. The problem is that we have activtities which are on header and others which are on item level.

Are there any recommendations to cover that problem?

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Hi Friedemann,

for this to achieve it is helpful to have e.g. in P2P the document number as a column in your activity table. You can then just calculate a COUNT DISTINCT on the document number to get the activity count on header level.

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Dear FThiel,

We use the Touchrate as well but do not differentiate between header or line activities. I do see any added value in that.
But you will need to count the header activities depending on the positions. The standard activity table needs to be extended with a counter to cover that.
For example a credit check is done once for all positions and should be divided through them on a case level. For example with 10 positions you would have 0.1 touches per case for the credit check.
In this forum some code can be found for this topic.
In case of questions let me know
Have fun!