ML Workbench Data Pull

Hi Team,

In the ML workbench, we are trying to pull data of a component from a particular analysis

The code that we are using is not able to pull data from some particular analysis. However, if we use the same code to pull the data from a different analysis belonging to the same workspace we are able to pull the data.

Are there any Analysis settings that we need to look into for the data pull that might be causing this error.

We are getting the following error while pulling the data from the analysis.

Hi Soham_Potdar,

I tried to reproduce your error, but for me it worked as expected. I gave the API key the following permissions on workspace level:

  • Use all analyses
  • Edit all analyses
  • Edit workspace

Probably this would also work on analysis level. I had the same problem with a data pool back-up. Apperently you have to provide edit settings, only 'use … ’ (so read-only) is not enough. Hopefully this solves your problem.