Merge several O2C processes into a single O2C process

Dear Team,

I have a business case, where I need to merge/Create a Global process for the Order to Cash (O2C) process flows of different countries of an organization

Business Case:

Revenue share (Period of 1 Year)

Country 1 contributes 55 % of the revenue

Country 2 – 20 % of revenue.

Country 3 – 15 % of revenue.

Country 4 – 10 % of revenue.

Quantity of Orders: (Period of 1 Year)

Country 1 – 5000 Sales Orders.

Country 2 – 7000 Sales Orders.

Country 3 – 3000 Sales Orders.

Country 4 – 1000 Sales Orders.

At present all the four countries have independent Order to Cash (O2C) process flow with about 15% -20% common processes across the countries.

Can you please suggest the basis for selection of the Sales Orders to arrive at a common process flow across all the countries. As a part of this activity, we are planning to merge only the process flows and do no other analysis.

Thank You in advance.

Warm Regards,
Jayanta Borkakoti