Master data analysis

I like to know how Celonis can be used for Master Data Analysis in a multi SAP ECC sytems for building the Master data archietcture stratgey.
Looking for Master data foot print such as unique master data across the systems and duplicate master data acroos systems.

Hi Ram Nathan,

at the moment with Celonis Snap would not be possible. But it might be possible with IBC if I understand correctly your question.

Hi , Thanks for you reply. Can you please send me the documentation about how to enable Master data actvities in IBC.?

Scenario: I am from SAP America and customer already bought Celonis licence and we are trying to leverage Celonis for Master data convergence from 14 SAP ECC/ERP into a single ECC with SAP Master Data Governance tool for Master data Maintenance .


Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to your question. It might be that I misunderstood your question.