Machine Learning Workbench - Convert to DataFrame

I am trying to convert the data present in an OLAP table to a dataframe.
c = get_celonis(**settings)
w = c.workspaces.find(“KPI Analysis - CSAT”,None)
a = w.analyses.find(“CSAT Model”,None)
Can anyone please help me what can be the command to convert “q” into a dataframe.


Hi Mayukha,

welcome to the Celonis Community!

You can retrieve the query of the component using .pql_query instead of .data .
With df = a.get_data_frame(q) you can then send the query to Celonis to get the dataframe.

There is also an example in the documentation:


Hi David,

I have tried the same but I am getting an error while creating a data frame.

Hi Mayukha,

We can definitely solve this! First idea: could you update the pycelonis package? You can do this by running:
!pip install -U pycelonis
in a cell of your jupyter notebook.
If you then restart your kernel and run your code again it should work!

Does this solve the problem?


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