Machine Learning Work Bench Issue

Now, go to the analysis and start with the step “On-Time Delivery Prediction 1/5”

How to set up this particular Due Date and all??
Can anyone please publish any end to end Machine learning using python implementation in cellonis?

Hi Anuj,

Thanks for trying out the ML workbench!
An end to end implementation including demo data is included in the ML workbench, to find out more about how to set this up (including due date), a good start would be the example here and the other pages in the documentation:

The example is aimed at predicting a time dependent variable, but it could also be used for a more general classification problem. In this case, the due date is the timestamp when the case “should” have a certain activity.

Does this answer your question?

Best regards,
Simon Riezebos

Hi Team,

As requested earlier also, in given demo file some of concepts explained are very abstract.

Like in demo it is mentioned as below:

But there are no screen shot present how that analysis set up is done. This might be obvious for person involved in Analysis already but someone who don’t have much background in Celonis like me , find it difficult .

I request you to please provide one end to end demo with proper screen shot either or any recorded session where any expert is doing end to end task i.e. fetching data from analysis to ML Workbench and then pushing back to Analysis.

This will be really much helpful.

Hoping for some positive steps so that I could continue my exploration for Celonis work bench to utilize in our organization.



Hi Anuj,

Unfortunately we don’t have a recording or full guided walkthrough at the moment. When we have this I can post it here, we are working on this.

Regarding the analysis, if you run this cell it will install the analysis for you and show the link below the cell:

Best regards,
Simon Riezebos