Logistics process missing case_id

Dear community,

For now I used Celonis for manually loading in data models, that have an activities table oriented around a case_id like Celonis likes it.

Now I have a two-level logistics process that defines how many items are shiped between locations from level one to other locations from level two and inside the levels. The problem is, there is no identification of each item journey to do a process oriented around the individual items, but an identification of the shipment. Because of that it is not possible to connect these two-level shipments to shipments inside one level.

E.g. one shipment goes from Start to level one location A and then to level two location B, but then it could happen that some or all items from this shipment go to level two location C, but these shipments cannot be connected and in the end I would have to do two different processes when orienting around items.

Is there anyone experienced with this situation and can give me some hints how Celonis could handle this? Maybe some ideas for another case_id orientation then an item?

Thank you,